Identidad Fabricada was an audiovisual exhibit at Espacio Lavadero in Granada, Spain from August 26th to the 30th, 2022, interpreting the significance, and perception of the Latin-American immigrant fusing sound, visual art, and animations. This project explored themes surrounding violence, displacement, anonymity, and empowerment.

On the fabric covering my body, is printed an image of the Palacio de Justicia, Colombia's courthouse which has a traumatic, and violent history in Colombia. The Palacio the Justicia was sieged by the M-19 in 1985, initiating several fires in the building, leaving 111 people dead, and 11 missing.The very act of exhibiting this work elsewhere, in this case Spain, creates awareness, tension, and displacement regarding the perception of the Colombian identity, in the hopes of rising questions regarding an even greater issue at hand which is how are people perceiving, and socially constructing the Latin-American identity?

Idenitdad Fabridcada